What we have started

We welcome software or application developers to contribute to this community, turn your hobby into business. Currently, we have talked to more than 200 partners that interested to work with us for this new concept.

Have we started to develop? The answer is YES. Till date, we have develop the following simple yet intuitive applications:


Leave application system will allow your organization going towards paperless, imagine all the leave application form, once approved, will need to keep track through excel etc. Why not make it online? We provide simple yet ease of use application. Contact us to get a DEMO or showcase.


Have you think of submitting your claims online? We started it too - you will able to submit your claim online, the same time, upload your receipts through your camera phone as well as scanned copies.


Imagine if you able to create a service desk ticket, keep track and generate simple report for KPI usage? We started it and it is used by our maintenance customers.


Would like to know what you have in your organization? We provide you this simple alert system when your stock went 'out of stock'.


We work together with our scanner hardware principle, to allow you to scan your receipts, POs, Invoice, or GST related information into an unlimited storage!

We will continuously update the pool of application, come back more often to get the latest news.

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