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This is the official website for Mercado. Founded in 2014, ​Mercado is a new concept in the industry that given the flexibility for the companies to choose, to use, to feedback and be part of the applications team. We enticipated that by the year 2020, 70% of the organization will heard of Mercado and most of them already use this concept.​


Why you need to build an application where Mercado can provide to you, as easy as 1, 2, 3 within 3 working days. We do not charge you by number of users, we charge you per application, per company, per year.


Mercado is running on a highly available architecture, powered by Office 365, Microsoft. Having say so, it provides you a 24 x 7 and 99.5 % uptime.


We welcome:

1) Customers enquiry, we will provide you our experience and commited partners near your office location. Contact: sales<at>

2) Partners that willing to take good care of the customers and grow with us. Guidance, sales kit will be given. partners<at>

3) Developers that would like to contribute, build applications to change the world, contact: dev<at>

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