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We are a team of young, energetic, pure, simple, close to you, meeting, relationship, long term experts that always be with you. We love to travel and most impotantly, we love our job!!


We started with a goal to create a different type of company, a company that to change the industry, change the world! Our vision was to build a different working environment, a different sales model, different services model to customers, and a different philanthropic model (integrated into the for-profit corporation from the very beginning). Each of these ideas emanated from our disenchantment with the traditional manner in which things were done.


The cofounders of Mercado were receptive to the idea of building a business that simultaneously gave back to the community. We all shared the philosophy that the value of corporation should be distributed not only to its leadership but also to the communities in which it operates and to the country.

We always invite talent to join our team, e-mail your CV if you think you have the same mindset as us! cooljobs<at>



Founder & CEO

Founded few companies within few countries in APAC. Working with few famous priciples in this field - he believes this new concept will change the world - a little step a day, the dream will come true.


He is famous as a visionary with lots of ideas.


Head of Operation

Involved more than 7 years in auditing line, she is in charge of the company operation - ensure the company meet the dateline, ensure operating efficiently.


She is famous of being a nice and kind person in the company.


Head of Technical

In the market more than 10 years, she started as an admin. With suggesting new ideas to implement in companies, she is now one of the lead programmer, incharge few applications as for today.


She is famous of making ideas into action.


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 Advertising & Marketing


Tel: +6012 - 650-0365

E-mail: sales<at>

CT07-17 Subang Corporate Tower

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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